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Kyoto Gathering (Japan)

  • Kyoto Miyako Messe 3rd Exhibition Hall (3F) Kyoto Japan (map)
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“And they shall fear His glory from the rising of the sun; for he will come like a rushing stream, which the wind of the Lord drives.” (Isaiah 59:19)

This is a strategic time for Japan, as the Lord spoke that He will move mightily and swiftly and Japan will see a major breakthrough before the end of 2019.

This Japan Gathering is another step after the Gathering in Jeju, Korea (March 2018). In Jeju, Japanese family have asked if the nations will covenant to walk with Japan and the nations responded with “YES!”. Then the Lord spoke to us that the Japan Gathering had to come after the Aswan Strategic Trip (September 2018) and the Egypt Gathering (October 2018). The Lord promised that in these two Gatherings, He would make the idols tremble, fall and break in His presence.

We now feel the ground has been prepared for this Japan Gathering. All the families of the nations are invited to fulfill their promise to stand together spiritually and physically with our Japanese family.

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Chinese Gathering (Hong Kong)

  • Asia World Expo Hong Kong (map)
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In this month of December, the Lord led a representation of leaders from the Chinese body into a renewal of love for one another. In response to the call to fulfill Jesus' longing for oneness in His Body, we will have a Chinese Gathering in Hong Kong next year from July 24-27, 2019. The gathering will take place at the Asia World Expo. We extend this invitation to our international family to come and stand with the Chinese family.「我們回家了!」“We come home!”

Please mark your calendars. More details to come.

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Standing Together: "Reset" Onething 2018

  • Kansas City Convention Center USA (map)
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The Lord is knitting the hearts of the IHOP-KC and Watchmen "Homecoming" journey to walk together as one family in response to Jesus' prayer in John 17: 20-23, that we may be one as the Father and the Son are one.

Through the Convergence gathering in Kansas City this past September, Mike Bickle and the leadership team at IHOP-KC received part of the Lord’s answer to pursue a “Reset”. They have decided to put a pause on their annual conferences and various other events for the next several years in response to a new conviction and reality forming at their base, an urgency for more of Jesus and for a greater alignment with His leadership.

We are standing together as one. As the IHOP-KC family is choosing to create greater space for what the Lord wants to do, may the fullness of what He has in store be fulfilled.

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