2019 European Family Gathering


We have heard the prophecies that 2019 will be a year of possession – of promises, dreams and inheritance for individuals, families and nations. As the year progresses, we have seen the Lord establish oneness in the “Eastern Triangle” of the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans, as well as between the Isaiah 19 nations of Egypt, Assyria and Israel. As we see the global family walk in increasing depths of love and oneness around the globe, the journey has come full circle now with the establishing of the “European Triangle”.

Right from the beginning when this gathering was planned for Ambilly, France in August, the Lord spoke to us to gather His family, particularly from the English-speaking, German-speaking and French-speaking worlds in Europe.  While we recognised that these three language groups do not fully cover all of Europe, we felt that this was a beginning and a representation of the Lord’s Body pledging to walk together in the spirit of oneness for the sake of the Father’s dream for all of Europe.

The timing of this gathering could not have been more strategic, as we discovered on the first day that it coincided with strategic Brexit meetings between the political leaders of the United Kingdom, Germany and France, and the week culminated with the G7 summit in Biarritz, France!  God called together a representation of His Body to arise in love and John 17 oneness, so we could be His spiritual government declaring heaven on earth.

Humility, surrender and vulnerability were some of the keys the Lord gave us from the start, and as we worshipped, the Lord circumcised our hearts and aligned our hearts with His, so that His European Bride would be renewed with His supernatural love that transcends intellectual reasonings, political opinions and religious divides. 

Coming into alignment with the Lord’s heart, we also came into alignment with the land, as the Lord “opened up the ground”, and we got in touch with the ancient wells and anointings of the Huguenots and those who had gone before us, as well as the blood of the martyrs spilt in Europe.  The Lord had been preparing His European Bride to take her place in authority, so we might declare His decrees over Europe.

As we in Europe were building on the foundation of oneness the Lord had established in the “Eastern Triangle”, it was significant to have representation from the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans present with us.  Along with them and other internationals, we witnessed a wedding between the English, the Germans and the French.  Words of love were exchanged, there was the proposal with the resounding “Yes!”, and the wedding covenant in the three languages was signed and sealed in the presence of the internationals.  We covenanted to walk “as one”, grafted in on Israel through the blood of Yeshua.

As we declared the Lord’s supremacy over Europe and released the Lion’s roar over the land, we felt the Lord breathe His breath of life over the dry bones of Europe.  A new and renewed Europe, full of the glory of the Lord has risen.  What amazing days we live in!  As the psalmist sang of the restoration in Psalm 126, we echo, “The Lord has done great things for us, and we are glad!” (verse 3).


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