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Joanne Lepp, leader of the Prophetic Art team, shares alongside other artists the way in which they prepare and function as a team, as well as the revelation they received at the Japan Gathering that took place in Kyoto this spring 2019.



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There is a company of artists emerging who are led by the ever creating God. The stars, sun, sky, and universe demonstrate the handiwork of God speaking of His glory. God as a master artist is always creating, ever designing, who woos our abandoned worship through artistic expression. The arts have been reclaimed to return this glory to God, to reflect Him.

In a gathering, our desire is to worship God along with the voices, the dance and the instruments. We practise ‘Listening Art’ as we spend time aligning with His Spirit as well as flowing with what He is releasing from the platform. We are not in a hurry but wait until we know what He wants us to do. Worship from the deepest part within often releases pictures, colour, and movement that we then desire to express. The colours on a canvas flow like the sound and movement released in song and dance. The artists’ tools become their implement of worship and convey and connect our hearts to His. These art forms can be our message of praise to Him as well as His message of love to us.

We are discovering the power of the language of visual art as we see through His eyes. The truth of who we are in Him and who He is among us reveals beauty, layers of colour and truth expressed in wisdom. Often, ‘Listening art’ is interpretive of what is taking place from heaven to earth.  Some artists see into the heavens and release what is needed on earth by expressing it artistically. During gatherings, artists pull from the unseen realms and express it into our world of sight. These works of visual art can be prophetic and play an important intercessory role in what the Spirit is saying or doing. Sometimes they are confirmed by a vision or a prophetic act that is shared on stage. When God releases vision, it can be seen by many.

Visual art has the ability to relay things to the viewer without going through the cognitive and belief filters that would dilute or reject the message given through other formats.  The Holy Spirit can release a message that is received through the heart and bypass the structures of the mind. Visual statements can be made that open up the revelation of Jesus. Art has the capacity to open up the heart and receive truth because of the power of its language. The world of visual art opens up a place of great healing. Sometimes, the Holy Spirit opens up wounds that were sealed but they surface from deep within the artist or within the nation as reflected by the art.

Finally, artistic expression often births something that God is doing. Staying in a place of quietness can awaken deep intercession, which may not be understood by the artist, initially. Out of this place of rest, creativity is birthed which often is confirmed by what is happening during the gathering. ‘Birthing in the spirit’ is often seen working with clay as the artist senses the breathe of God on a form being shaped from earth. Or in the movements of a brush, the subtle choice of colors, simple truths can emerge.

Within the context of the gatherings we are seeing a company of artists from many nations rise up. Jesus is the desire of every nation.  As His beauty awakens in a bridal company, many artists will worship Him in adoration.