Ending 2018 in a Divine Moment

Onething 2018: "Reset" (KANSAS CITY, USA) — December 28-31, 2018


At the close of 2018, we were invited to partake in a divine moment of the Father encountering His Global Family. As believers from around the world gathered at the "Onething" conference in Kansas City, in response to God's call for a reset at IHOP-KC, we were welcomed into our Father’s living room where He met us face to face and heart to heart.


We quickly realized we were standing in a kairos time and it had become a global reset for the whole Body of Christ. We were all deeply moved to see such beautiful surrender and humility before the Lord, as the IHOP-KC family opened their hearts and invited us into their journey of returning to the heart of devotion to the Lord and devotion to one another as one family.


We encourage you to visit the IHOP-KC Onething archives to join in with what the Lord did during this powerful time. You can also browse through our Instagram and Facebook accounts for photos, quotes, and highlights.

From the Family


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Our Father demonstrated His heart and love by giving us and the world His Son. We believe we honour the Father when we carry the same heart of giving and give from the blessings He has placed in our hands.