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Chinese Gathering (Hong Kong)

  • Asia World Expo Hong Kong (map)

In December 2018, the Lord led a representation of leaders from the Chinese Body into a renewal of love for one another. In response to the call to fulfill Jesus' longing for oneness in His Body, we will have a Chinese Gathering in Hong Kong from July 24-27, 2019. The Gathering will take place at the Asia World Expo. We extend this invitation to our international family to come and stand with the Chinese family.「我們回家了!」“We come home!”


Dear Body of Christ,

Thinking of you all in Christ. May we always be in His presence, Amen!

I'd like to share some of my understanding towards the significance of the Chinese Homecoming this year. This is the 70th year since the birth of the Back to Jerusalem vision, also the year of Jubilee on the Jewish calendar. This is the hour of the fullness of time and I have this sense of urge stirring in me, thus this sharing.

It is an entry point of the global Chinese Body of Christ to become one. We have to acknowledge some of the stumbling stones on our journey of becoming one.

1)We are to listen to one another, embrace our lamentations and seek restoration.
The Chinese all over the globe have been drifting for hundreds of years, leaving behind much lamentations to be dealt with. We are to embrace one another until we see God's purpose for us - which is beyond our history - so that His perfect will for the Chinese can be done.

2)We are to acknowledge our calling, honour our fathers and respond corporately.
Father God has been working in the depths of Chinese culture since the ancient of times. His loving mercy has never stopped. We can recount His continued grace in our history:

  1. Nestorianism in Tang Dynasty

  2. Arkaguns in Yuan Dynasty

  3. Catholicism in Ming Dynasty

  4. Catholicism and Christianity in Qing Dynasty

  5. The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom

  6. The Inspiration and Nurturing provided to Dr. Sun Yat Sen

  7. The Freedom of Receiving the Gospel in HK & Macau under Colonialism

  8. The Acceptance of Gospel in Taiwan

  9. The Chinese Diaspora Receiving the Gospel in Foreign Lands

  10. The Revival of China since 1911, including the Revival of Eastern China in the 80s and the Explosion of Gospel among the Rural Churches

These are His miraculous works among the Chinese throughout our history. Despite human limitations and weaknesses, the Chinese Body of Christ has gradually fallen into place and matured over time. How great is His grace!

Now we have stepped into another moment in the history, when all Chinese tribes shall be of use in the Global Body of Christ. From natural to supernatural, the Lord is building us at this hour, so we can become a blessing vessel to the nations.

Let us come together to confirm, honour, embrace and seek corporately for His specific direction on fulfilling the destiny of all Chinese.

This is a critical hour - not just for the sake of the Chinese Body of Christ - for our Father God is to advance His Kingdom and speed up the movement of His Body through the Chinese Body of Christ. We see our part in the redemption of Egypt. Hagar's bitterness shall be healed and His Body in Egypt shall be set free. We also see our part in the fulfilment of the Back to Jerusalem vision. As the Chinese Body of Christ aligns in unity, authority and power will be released to help Isaac and Ishmael enter into deeper unity. This is to pave a highway of worship for the return of our glorious King, all nations shall be called to Jerusalem to worship our most high King. These are the pressing issue laid before us.

How can we miss the chance of being part of this honourable moment! We are to move forward on the foundation of our predecessors' ceiling. This is the fullness of time. This is the time of vision becoming reality. Unless the Lord has instructed you not to come, otherwise, we encourage you to come, receive and join together with us!

Time is running short and it takes time for the administration to make necessary arrangements. I encourage you to register online now and prepare yourself to receive the heart of the Lord with the Body of Christ.

Later Event: August 7
"As One" Canada (Ottawa)