Welcome to the last edition of Watchmen Connect for 2018!

As we reflect on this past year, we marvel at the accelerated pace at which we have both witnessed and experienced God moving in so many nations around the world! As the Body of Christ is being brought into greater measures of moving as one in the Spirit, we’ve seen one tremendous breakthrough after another… and then yet another. Our hearts are overflowing with thankfulness to our heavenly Father for His faithfulness throughout 2018!

Gathering Updates



Kyoto, Japan (March 27th - 30th)

This is a strategic time for Japan, as the Lord spoke that He will move mightily and swiftly and Japan will see a major breakthrough before the end of 2019.

This Japan Gathering is another step after the Gathering in Jeju, Korea (March 2018). In Jeju, Pastor Ito, on behalf of Japan, asked if the nations will covenant to walk with Japan and the nations responded with “YES!”. Then the Lord spoke to us that the Japan Gathering had to come after the Aswan Strategic Trip (September 2018) and the Egypt Gathering (October 2018). The Lord promised that in these two Gatherings, He would make the idols tremble, fall and break in His presence. We now feel the ground has been prepared for this Japan Gathering. All the families of the nations are invited to fulfill their promise to stand together spiritually and physically with our Japanese family. Please prayerfully consider whether you should be physically present, or support this strategic time through prayer from home.





The Malaysian family is very thankful for all your prayers and for the 11 different nations that came to stand with them at their New Era Gathering in early November. They continue to give thanks to the Lord for His powerful presence and the breakthroughs that came, as young and old alike, from numerous tribes and people groups throughout Malaysia, gathered together as one to worship the Lord and seek His face for this New Era in their nation. Young children were especially released at this Gathering to be a key part of the worship family and the prophetic dance team, and were also instrumental in releasing prayers and declarations. Once again, Malaysia was reminded that God is shaking whatever can be shaken, so that His unshakable Kingdom can be established. The Lord said that from now to the end of 2019 is a critical time for Malaysia, so let’s continue to press in together with our Malaysian family!

Releasing the Destiny of Nations

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Though just a small island nation of 24 million people, the Father has spoken towards Taiwan’s destiny as a catalytic nation, with phrases such as, “The Tugboat”, “The Heart of Asia”, and “The Apostolic Nation”. Those who were mindful of Taiwan’s destiny, as well as the Father’s desire for a spiritual family of oneness, have been walking together since 2001. They sought for the impartation of the Father’s heart for the nation and they laboured through for heart-level forgiveness and genuine, heartfelt reconciliation and covenantal friendship between the Han Chinese/Taiwanese and the Aboriginals. They also covenanted with the global Chinese as “Greater Chinese family” and they have their sights set on generational unity. Last month the family of Taiwan, along with the Greater Chinese family, gathered in the city of Tainan to stand in Oneness before the Father. A resulting fruit of that was the passing of referendum which upheld the traditional Biblical definition of one man, one woman marriage!

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In November, from all 4 corners of Germany, 1200 gathered in the City of Karlsruhe, where the highest judicial institutions are located. It was God's time to decree that God's unlimited love in Christ is in deep unity with His holiness. From Korea and many other nations, friends helped to push spiritually, as France, England and Germany declared a deep level of heart-felt love toward one another. Since then, reports of new breakthroughs in unity on all levels are coming in – such as families experiencing the Holy Spirit in their living rooms! Once again, the Body of Christ in Germany saw the answers to their prayers in the newspaper. These are amazing days of His awesome Presence. Let’s keep praying that Germany will continue to be released more and more into the fullness of her destiny!

Did you know?

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Did you know that in 1939 the MS St. Louis ship, full of Jewish refugees, sailed from nation to nation seeking refuge? Canada was the last nation to reject them, ultimately sending them back to Europe where most on board faced the brutal consequences of the Holocaust.

In the year 2000, the Lord led Watchmen for the Nations to seek out the few St. Louis survivors who were still living and to sponsor them to come to Ottawa, Canada’s capital city, so that a representation of the Body of Christ in Canada could repent on behalf of their nation for turning away that ship full of precious Jews.

This past month, 18 years after the body of Christ repented, the Government of Canada brought these survivors back to Ottawa to publicly repent to them on a governmental level. This has been a great reminder that, whether we see impact that is immediate, seemingly delayed, or even nothing tangible at all, what the Body of Christ does in the spiritual realm has impact on the natural!

Giving Thanks for 2018

“The Lord has done great things for us, and we are glad.” ― Psalms 126:3

Awe and thanksgiving overwhelm our hearts, as we pause at this year end to reflect back on how the Lord has been leading us as a global family throughout 2018. He has continued to show us that one nation’s breakthrough is another’s and that His timing and order is always strategic. We thank the Lord for faithfully leading us and for the countless things He’s done, both in the seen and unseen realms. With amazed and thankful hearts, we’ve seen nations shifting to align more and more with His purposes and walk in their destinies. We will not stop believing in His promises, but will keep pressing in together. 

We look forward to continue walking together as a global family, following His leadership every step of the way, and are anticipating more unprecedented national and global breakthroughs in the coming year!

Standing Together


At the Convergence Gathering in Kansas City this past September, the Lord deeply knit hearts together between Watchmen’s "Homecoming" family and the IHOP-KC (International House of Prayer) family. We now have another opportunity to stand together at IHOP-KC’s year-end “Reset – Onething 2018” Conference. Everyone is welcome!


Wishing you all a very blessed Christmas season! As you celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, no matter what you are going through, may you experience His tangible love, joy, and peace overflowing to all those around you!