Welcome to the eighth edition of Watchmen Connect!

The Japan Gathering is about to start! Over 1300 people from 30 nations are flying in to join the Japanese Family! We believe it will be extremely significant with a mighty ripple effect to other nations. Please join us in covering this Gathering through prayer.


The time has come. History has been waiting for this moment. Ancient foundations have been groaning for it. All of heaven’s eyes are turned and its host is ready. God is awakening a greater love. God is awakening Japan.

The Spirit of the Lord has gone to and fro all the earth to assemble His family for His appointed time for Japan. As we stand together for this chosen nation in the Lord’s end time season, we are filled with awe and anticipation, soberly awaiting all that God will do. We believe that as sure as the cherry blossoms will swiftly cover the entire nation of Japan, the domino effect of their breakthrough will cover all nations speedily and will have an everlasting effect worldwide.

Jesus will be the center, coming to Japan and the families of the nations to baptize us in a greater love and intimacy, one the world has never known, the love we were created for.

Unconditional, radical, sacrificial, selfless love.

“Your troops will be willing on your day of great battle. Arrayed in holy splendor, your young men will come to you like dew from the morning’s womb.”  (Psalms 110:3)

From the womb of the dawn, Japan is launching the signal, becoming the trigger that activates and awakens God’s holy warriors of love from across the earth. On this day of the Lord’s great battle and great power, we will see a movement of voluntary warriors rising. They are God’s Great army, His Family united as One, carrying His Presence and burning with sacrificial love.

In great expectancy, we are looking forward to being gathered together soon, whether physically in Japan or via livestream, to witness and participate in the unfolding of the purposes of God for this kairos time, for Japan and for all the nations.


To join the Gathering through Livestream:
Those who cannot attend the Japan Gathering physically can still join in through livestream, available in seven languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, German and French.

To join us in hearing the sound of the Lord:
Japan Gathering Discernment will be open to everyone around the world to submit prophetic words, dreams, visions, scriptures or revelations. Please email breath@watchmen.org.


As the Gathering is approaching, please pray for:

  • Spiritual breakthrough in Japan that will then have a ripple effect to other nations

  • Veils to be removed over the Japanese, so that they will come to know the true and living God

  • Protection over all the leadership and organizers from any attacks of the enemy — spiritually, physically and relationally

  • Protection for the many people traveling from 30 nations and throughout Japan

  • Protection and clear leading of the Holy Spirit for the worship family, dancers, artists and intercessors, as they come together prior to the Gathering and pour out everything they have throughout it

  • Alignment of all the final logistics, and much grace and wisdom for those carrying the onsite registration and volunteering

  • Strength and clarity for all the many translators throughout the Gathering – it will be live streamed in 7 languages!


Malaysia Gathering
May 23-25, 2019 — Kuching (Sarawak, Malaysia)


Chinese Gathering
July 24-27, 2019 — Hong Kong