Welcome to the first edition of Watchmen Connect!

Watchmen Connect is a newsletter with the heart to keep the global family connected, as God is releasing nations into their destinies. Some of the nations the Lord is highlighting to us this month are Japan, Korea, France, and Egypt, as well as our treasured young people. You will also find information here on recent and upcoming gatherings, encouraging praise reports and more!

Gathering Updates



June 13-15, 2018 — North America Chinese Gathering (Fremont, California)

The Lord did an amazing work of oneness and transformation in this gathering. In the fullness of time, a North American Chinese family was born under one head, our Lord Jesus Christ. As leaders shared their stories of finding true fathers, covenant relationship, honouring our fathers and our spiritual inheritance, hearts were changed and relationships were healed. Click here to watch gathering video archive.




September 19-22, 2018 — "Convergence" North America Gathering (IHOP-KC)

Convergence is a gathering called by a group of North American Chinese. When they sought the Lord, the Lord opened the door of the International House of Prayer (IHOP-KC) to host this gathering. Click here for more information and registration.

Releasing the Destiny of Nations

We are excited to see the Lord releasing nations into their destinies! Since one nation’s breakthrough is another’s, this has an impact far beyond each individual nation. So we invite you to rejoice with us and partner in prayer, as the Lord continues to speak identity and destiny over nations, bringing them back into alignment with His original plan!

Here are a few of the nations the Lord is highlighting at this time:


Egypt’s destiny is to be a mother’s womb and give birth to many nations. So Egypt’s role is very significant in releasing what the Lord wants to do in the nations at this time. There is a breakthrough that’s happening, as we see Egypt taking her place among the global family. Please pray as some of the leaders come together for a pre-gathering, to seek the Lord’s heart for Egypt, the nations, and a future gathering.


The birth of One Korea will display the Sovereignty of God! Several hundred Koreans, supported by some internationals, will be traveling on a bus tour, as one big family with 3 generations. They will travel to five major cities of Korea, praying and declaring the destiny of Korea along their journey. Please pray with them and for them, agreeing together for further breakthroughs so that Korea can walk in the fullness of her destiny.


Japan has been prepared and called by the Lord of Hosts, to usher in the end-time Body of Christ. Join us in prayer for the leaders of Japan, because they are coming together to seek the Lord regarding the destiny of Japan and regarding future times to get together.


The destiny of France is to unlock the revelatory realm for the nations. We believe that when France won the World Cup (Congratulations!) it was a sign that it’s time for France to score a goal in God’s Kingdom! Let’s remember our French family, as they meet in August to worship, seek God and prepare the way for the nations to come up higher. They will be meeting in Lyon, the first Christian settlement in France (once known as the spiritual capital of France) and the place of France’s first martyrs.

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This rising generation is marked by God to complete the authority of the Family of God, walking together in 3 Generations. The young people are longing to come into unity with the Father and deeper oneness with each other, while taking their place within God’s family. Pray for them, as some of them come together to intentionally press into the Lord, as a seed within their younger generation. Pray that the Lord would give them wisdom on how to continue to move within the family.

Celebrate with us



For 60 years, the same government was in power in Malaysia. In fact, Malaysia had the third-longest ruling party in the world after North Korea and Communist China. In the natural, any form of change seemed impossible. But, there have been several gatherings in our nation and countless churches and ministries have been coming together to cry out to God for change. Then we heard the Lord say that Malaysia was not just entering into a “new season,” but a “new era.” Much manipulation and corruption from the ruling regime made it look like our upcoming election was already stolen, before the election campaign even began. But the church continued to believe, pray, and take practical action. The global family also contended with us. Suddenly, the impossible happened, and there was an overwhelming victory for the opposition party. A new nation was born and Malaysia entered into her new era!



The impossible is becoming possible in North Korea! What we are seeing is not a breakthrough of obedience of only a year or two, but rather a culmination of 70 years of prayer and fasting, from within many circles and spheres. The Lord has called many of us to gather together in many locations. One of them was Jeju Island, where we contended to see God’s purposes fulfilled. Then, the presidents of North and South Korea met for a summit, followed by the presidents of the United States and North Korea meeting face to face for the first time ever. The North Korean regime have now agreed to denuclearization. Also, some of the families who haven’t connected in 70 years are connecting! Before, if family in North Korea were found connecting with their family members in South Korea, the family would have been tortured and put in jail. But, now the inconceivable is beginning to happen! We praise God and continue to contend together for further breakthrough!



40-Day Prayer & Fasting

August 1 to September 9 —As the Jewish year, 5778, is coming to an end, we felt the Lord asking us to “finish this year well.” In response to Him, we invite the global family to join together for a time of prayer, fasting and seeking God for the final 40 days of this critical year of “open doors”.



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