Welcome to the third edition of Watchmen Connect!

The momentum at which the Lord is moving across the globe continues to increase exponentially! We thank the Lord for those of you who have been able to attend and stand together at key gatherings, as well as those of you who have contended for these breakthroughs from your own homes. Whether we are physically at a gathering, or diligently plugging away on the home front, we are ONE, and together we have the privilege of advancing His Kingdom here on earth!

Gathering Updates


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The Lord is using Australia in this season as a place of birthing and a launching pad for the South Pacific. The time is now for the Aborigines of Australia to take their place, as the original gatekeepers, to open the door for God’s purposes to be fulfilled in Australia and in the nations. In the gathering in Cairns, the indigenous people rose up out of pain as one family with the Aussies. Then, in Adelaide, the leaders in Australia were in one heart to provide a safe place for the presence of the Lord. The Lord is bringing the body of Christ in Australia together as one, so a new measure of authority is released now to see His Kingdom come and His will be done in Australia as it is in heaven.

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“Convergence” North America Gathering @ IHOP-KC

God’s movements on earth are beginning to converge. Family Journey and IHOP (International House of Prayer) looked like two rivers flowing at a high speed, but then suddenly merged at the Convergence gathering. As this convergence took place, the power of His presence was unlike either individual ministry had experienced.

As the Lord melted hearts together, He released a supernatural joy and a deep love for one another, which allowed us to own one another, including our burdens and our successes. This ushered in a deeper realization that the Lord is preparing a global family for Him to come and dwell among, and with that, there was also a deeper shift from a leadership fathering a vision, to one that is fathering a family and releasing spiritual sons and daughters. Two ministries that have not connected much in the past became one big family, and suddenly, felt the oneness that Jesus prayed about in John 17:22 — “I have given them the glory that you gave me, so that they may be one as we are one”.

We believe that what the Lord did at Convergence is going to be a seed, not only for the Watchmen "Homecoming" family and IHOP, but it will multiply among other ministries, callings, and anointings, and we will see many more rivers merging into a powerful oneness, so that the fullness of John 17 will become a reality.

Releasing the Destiny of Nations


Many nations and tribes will be gathering together this week, in response to the Lord’s call to come to Egypt to worship and honour Him. We believe that as we gather in unity and humility, the Lord will release His decrees from heaven and we will see another measure of what He asks us to pray for in the Lord’s prayer – “Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10). As we are worshipping the Lord and giving Him His rightful place, we believe the Lord will come on a swift cloud and the “suddenlies” will happen. Whatever stands in the way of God fulfilling what He wants in the nations at this time will tremble, shake, and fall! We believe that the ripple effect from these breakthroughs will be felt across the nations of the earth. Let us stand together, guarding this strategic time through prayer, and believing together that He is about to do more than what we can ask or think!


Malaysia is like an elbow or hinge, connecting the Asian world to the Middle East, so it is critical that the Malaysian family keeps pressing in, not just for the sake of their own nation, but for the many others who will also be impacted. The Lord has challenged the Body of Christ in Malaysia to be in tune with what the Father is doing in heaven, so they can release it on earth. As they declare what is on His heart, they are setting the tone in the spiritual realm, and then the natural will follow. Numerous times they witnessed this direct correlation, as they’ve heard decrees being made in the natural that fully aligned with what had already been decreed in the spiritual. In this way, they can keep advancing with the Lord, and keep seeing the things on His heart come to pass. They will be coming together in November, so they can continue what the Lord has started, so His original intent of what He wants to do in Malaysia and beyond will be fulfilled.

Did you know?

Did you know that when Jesus prayed in John 17, He didn’t pray for our unity, but He prayed for our oneness?

The Lord longs for us to be one, in the same measure that the Father and the Son are not only united, but are actually one.

We have experienced walking in various levels of unity, but now we are experiencing increased measures of grace, and He is enlarging the capacity of our hearts to embrace one another in a new level, so that we can walk in greater measures of the oneness that He longs for.



We have an opportunity to walk as a global family in a very practical way! There are many key ones from the African and Asian nations and from the Middle East who the Lord is calling to be at the gathering in Egypt, but do not have the financial means to get there. If you would like to partner in this tangible way by financially sowing into sponsoring some of these ones, please click here for more information on how to sow.

Join us in prayer

For the release of visas for all those from Africa, the Middle East and other nations, who the Lord wants to be at the gathering in Egypt.

For the release of finances, also so that everyone who God intends to be in Egypt will be able to be there.



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