Welcome to the second edition of Watchmen Connect!

With thankful hearts, we want to share with you some of the breakthroughs that have happened this past month in Korea, Japan, and France. Also, great things are coming up in North America and in Australia! We are seeing an awesome ripple effect across the nations as His global family continues to fast and pray and seek His face.



Upcoming Gathering


September 19-22, 2018 — "Convergence" North America Gathering (IHOP-KC)

Although Convergence is a gathering that was initially birthed and called by the Chinese North Americans, God has continued to expand the vision for this strategic time. With great excitement and anticipation, now all people groups from across North America are being called to gather together this month at IHOP in Kansas City!

Mike Bickle and those at IHOP (International House of Prayer) are not just excited to host this gathering, but are full of anticipation of this being a historical time with global impact. Other nations, as always, are also invited to come and stand together. It is clearly God’s sovereign timing that this gathering will be held over the exact date of IHOP’s 19th year anniversary of night and day worship and prayer! 

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Recent Gatherings



Last month the Lord gathered the family in Japan with such an amazing faith, believing that the time for Japan has come. The Chinese family and the Korean family stood together with the Japanese family, and we saw another manifestation of the oneness in the Spirit between the chopstick nations. All the years of preparation in Japan have produced such an amazing fruit so that we could see in the Spirit what the Father is about to do.  As the Lord is about to shake the powers in Egypt, we are going to see an open heaven in Japan for the Japanese to choose which God they want to follow.


Thank you for standing with us in prayer as over 400 of us travelled by bus to 5 cities in Korea. Something unique about this bus tour was the moments of connection that were not limited to the meetings, but rather, flowed from the bus rides into the games, through laughter into the deep sharing of hearts. As they felt the safety of family, God did a deep healing work from the indescribable pain of the past in the hearts of the North Koreans who journeyed with us. A key moment that demonstrated beautiful fruit of this deep inner healing was when a man and woman from North Korea got engaged on the trip! God also did a deep work, enlarging the hearts and capacity of the South Koreans to embrace, love and receive their North Korean family in a whole new level. Together, from this place of healing, along with the global family with us, we declared, “Let my people go!” to the North Korean regime. We believe that as God in heaven declared “ONE Korea,” so it will be on earth!



During the gathering, France was released into her full destiny and once she entered into her destiny and full identity, raised up the arms of England, the British Isles and Germany, anointed their feet with the perfume of France, and welcomed the nations into its house of love. After the powerful releasing of these nations into their destinies, they all made a covenant to walk together as one. What a beautiful picture of how one nation’s release impacts others!



After the France gathering, the Lord created a haven for the younger generation to meet, surrounded by nature, for a very organic time of connecting, laughing, dancing, and tuning our senses to each nation. We felt that every individual thread brought was woven together by the Lord into a beautiful garment. We anticipate and are excited to see all that the Lord will continue to open and unfold before our eyes. Thank you for your heart and prayers for our generation!


Releasing the Destiny of Nations


Please continue to pray for Egypt! In France we saw, once again, how interconnected the destinies of nations are. As France took her place in the spirit realm, she then prophesied Egypt into her destiny, saying that Egypt would open the way for many, many nations. France’s destiny is tightly linked to Egypt’s and is fundamental to the release of Egypt. The Lord is using Egypt at this time for its global impact to Africa, to the Middle East, and to the nations. The Lord speaks in Hebrews 12 that once more He will not only shake the earth, but also the heavens. We feel that there is a measure of unity in the body of Christ that forms a critical mass through which the Lord will shake powers to set the captives of many nations free. The Global harvest is at hand.


Australia will once again release a new wave in the Spirit that will touch many nations. A transition and shift will raise up Australia to prepare her to serve the body of Christ in this end-time move of the Spirit. This month there will be two gatherings in Australia. The first one, in Cairns, will focus on our indigenous brothers and sisters and will include additional leaders from a number of South Pacific and Pacific Rim nations. The Adelaide gathering will gather a representation of different nations to focus on the nation of Australia, standing with them to see their breakthrough and destiny fulfilled. These are Australia’s first gatherings, so let’s stand together with them through prayer!


Did you know?

Global 40-Day Prayer and Fast

The response to the call for the 40-Day Prayer and Fast has been far beyond our expectations! By the first day of the fast, about 2200 people had signed up to receive the daily emails with prayer points. There has been a continued, steady stream of people joining until now when we’ve reached around 4000 participants!

Among those registered, there are 40 nations represented. In addition to these numbers, in just the first week alone, the website had over 70,000 users and there are almost 9000 hits every day. As far as we know, there has not been a 40-day prayer and fast before that has been embraced on this level world-wide. Surely this is touching God’s heart!

We have heard of numerous personal healings and breakthroughs that have taken place during this time and also the national breakthroughs at the recent gatherings took place during this prayer and fasting period. We believe, without a doubt, that the ripple effect will continue to be far beyond our comprehension.

We thank, bless, and honor the small team that has been working around the clock to write and release the extensive daily prayer points. Through their help, it’s as if we are all traveling around the world together, blessing, covering, praying for and declaring over nation after nation.  

This 40-day fast and prayer ends on September 9th so, if you’d still like to join in for the final days, you can find out details and receive prayer updates from the following website: http://fastnpray.uptozion.org.



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