2018 Egypt Strategic Gathering

OCTOBER 3-6, 2018 | EGYPT

When a representation of the family met in Egypt in the month of October, we truly experienced an open heaven. Almost 2000 Egyptians, along with over 500 internationals from 30 different nations gathered together under a huge tent, surrounded by sand and the blazing hot sun, in the deserts of Egypt. Visions, dreams and declarations filled our extended times of worship, to the extent that we felt as if heaven and earth were touching each other. Countless times of repentance, reconciliation, revelation, and unprecedented breakthroughs were interwoven throughout our time together!

At one point, the Africans shared their heart of their treatment in Egypt, and how they were looking to Egypt to host them and take care of them when they came as refugees, but instead felt quite the opposite. The Egyptians were deeply moved, feeling so sorry that they did not act as a hospitable host nation, even though that is their destiny. Tears flowed, along with deep repentance, as they embraced their African brothers and sisters and did a prophetic act of foot washing. We believe that this has now opened a door for the African nations that were released to rise up and come into their destiny! It was, yet again, another time when we experienced a tangible increase of unity between the families of the nations.

Many of us have been seeing and experiencing an almost instant paradigm shift for the whole kingdom of God. Along with a deep revelation that we are one family, the Body of Christ worldwide is supernaturally and radically changing into such a family! Through deep revelation from the scripture, our friend Asher explained that Egypt is the nation that has the right to bring the revelation of the family to the international body of Christ. There is a treasure box opening up all over the land of Egypt, and what is coming out of this treasure box is the revelation and reality that the Body of Christ is being changed into becoming a family.

The Egyptian family had a deeper revelation that Egypt’s role is like a mother, to serve the nations in the context of family, and, as she walks in this role, Egypt will be released more and more into the fullness of her destiny. As this revelation came upon the Egyptians, they were, in turn, able to release blessings of the family over all the other nations.

A very key verse that the Lord highlighted during the Gathering was Isaiah 19:25 – “whom the LORD of hosts has blessed, saying, ‘Blessed is Egypt My people, and Assyria the work of My hands, and Israel My inheritance’.” A significant part of this Gathering was that Egypt was able to embrace the nations from Isaiah 19. We experienced the specific nations that the Lord spoke about in this passage embracing one another and worshipping the Lord together. Egypt is stretching her arms out for Isaiah 19 to be fulfilled!

Thank you for standing with us during this incredibly significant time! We believe that the ramifications of our time together are far beyond our natural comprehension, and we continue to thank and praise the Lord for all He has done, and prayerfully look forward to what is yet to come!


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